Monday, December 6, 2010

Campaign: Year 2 - Spring


Resources: 58
Build: N/A

Detachment 1 pAsphyxious
Reinforcements: None
Action: Moved East towards the center of the map defended.

Detachment 2 pGoreshade
Reinforcements: Skarlock, DeathJack, Necrotech/Scrap Thrall x2
Action: Moved East towards Menoth, Defended

Detachment 3 pDeneghra
Reinforcements: Seether , Necrotech/Scrap Thrall, Scarlock, Mecanithralls x10, Necrosurgeon/Stitches, Brute Thralls x3, Defiler, Nightwretch x2, Pistol Wraith x2
Action: Moved South towards Khador, Defended.

Build: Lumbermill

Detachment 1 Epic Nemo
Reinforcements: Squire
Action: Moved to conquer Menoth held city in barrens. Victory...Menoth retreats from city, battered but not broken.

Detachment 2 Epic Hailey
Reinforcements: Squire
Action: Moved out of capital and towards the front line. Searches Nearby plains to no avail.

Detachment 3 Stryker
Reinforcements: Squire
Action: Stryker's company searches nearby barrens only to have its Journeyman Caster set upon by a Sand Dervish. Journeyman warcaster is victorious and finds a Pair of Duelist gloves (+2 RAT, Gunfighter and Virtuoso)while rummaging through an old chest.

Resources: 40
Build: Lumbermill

Detachment 1 pSorscha
Reinforcements: N/A
Action: Explored- Nothing of interest

Detachment 2 pButcher
Reinforcements: N/A
Action: Conquered North West Territory

Resources: 46
Build: N/A

Reinforcements:2x Reckoner 8, Vanquisher, Avatar of Menoth, 4 Choir of Menoth, 4 Choir of Menoth, The Covenant of Menoth, 2x Vassal of Menoth
Action: Defend


  1. You've got that map looking good!

    The campaign reads like great fun, with plenty of characterful elements. I like the feel of the lumbermills and old chest.

  2. Were pretty competitive but were very much in it for the fluffiness. Were still learning the game a bit but its been a lot of fun so far.