Friday, December 24, 2010

Khador: Doom Reavers

I love these miniatures. As far as units go, these guys were a deciding factor for me when it came to picking a faction. The poses are great and full of action. And the blades are just waiting for something other then a standard metallic paint job. 

I wanted to achieve a magical look to the blades. Not exactly a NNM (non metallic metal) per se , but pretty much the same technique.  The first thing I did was dry brushed the skulls starting with hawk turquoise, working my way up to white. 

For the blades, I used black for the shadow, white for the light with hawk turquoise in between and blended both directions. 

I like how the blades came out. The only thing I would have done differently (which I will attempt on Fenris), is this: 

There is a slight border around the skulls that I left dry brushed. I think It would have made a more dramatic effect if I would have reversed the blade effect on these flat parts. 


  1. I'd be pleased too - they look brilliant, the skin and blades especially. I agree on the poses being dramatic. They capture the motion and suggest the weight of the sword well.

  2. I might have to come and kidnap them! Gorgeous!!!!