Monday, November 15, 2010

Basing for cygnar

Ive decided on my basing for the army. I like to use cork board for basing but i am not a big fan of the texture on the flat surfaces. I thought id go ahead and use some spackling over the top. Has worked out pretty good. Super easy and fairly cheap for the amount of bases you can make with what you get. Ive spend about 25$ and have enough mats to base at least 100 models. Here's the results and an easy little tutorial.

Materials you need are spackling, super glue, cork board and bases.

First step is to check where your models feet will sit the glue down your cork board appropriately.

Next lather some spackling on.

Now wash any excess of you hand or tools. With a damp finger wipe the excess off the base.

lastly i just take a hobby knife and edge around the base to make sure any excess is off the base and the line around the top is well defined. If you want to give it a bit of texture just dap with a slightly damp paper towel. I will be adding some balast to these after the mini is mounted and statis grass after painting. These 3 took me about 10 minutes.

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