Thursday, November 11, 2010

Campaign: Year 1

Not much happened here
Khador rolled very poorly for initial resources
All faction conquered one area

The first battle! Khador vs. Cryx.
Senario: Mangled Metal
Khador lost the battle but dealt serious warjack damage to Cryx
Cygnar, Menoth and Cryx buy second detachments
Cygnar Menoth and Cryx conquer 2 areas each

Khador falls back to lick its wounds and pool more resources
Menoth explores Orgoth ruins. Many Cinerators die during the exploration, but they come away with treasure! Double resources during the winter. 
Cygnar, Mentoh and Cryx all buy third detachment
Cygnar, Menoth and Cryx conquer 3 areas, Khador conquers 1

Cryx explores forgotten mines and comes away with a relic: the Vorpal Blade.
Cygnar explores to find Bandits! Nothing gained here, but they escape with their lives.
Khador purchases second detachment
Cygnar and Menoth each take a city area. Cryx takes 1 area and Khador Conquers 2.

A few notes. Not all warcasters on the board are represented by their model. Next year we will fix that. As battle frequency increases we will probably have to start posting by season instead of year.


  1. All will fall to the might of Khador.

  2. Dont hate cause Cryx is what is best for Immoren, we use Green energy and recycling is big for us....