Monday, December 20, 2010

Campaign: Year 2 - Summer

(painter unknown- photo from

YEAR 2 - Summer

Resources: 66
Build: N/A

Detachment 1 pAsphyxious
Reinforcements: Withershadow Combine, Mechanithralls max, Brute Thrall, Necrosurgeon/stitches, Bloodgorgers, General Gerlak Slaughterborn
Action: Asphyxious did a double take at the report and looked at his scout "Are you sure this is true?" The quivering thrall nodded agreement. Asphyxious then slammed his fist to the ground "If these humans are so foolish as to leave a city undefended then we shall take it from them, gather my forces, We March!" Little did Asphyxious know that the scouts report was incomplete and the force that left was only leaving to be replaced with a new fresh defensive contingent.

Detachment 2 pGoreshade
Reinforcements: N/A
Action: Conquer Menoth to the East
Goreshade crumpled the orders left by the Lich Lord and tossed them into the mud... Asphyxious may want him to hold his position but he can not hold back his thralls any longer now that Deathjack is amongst them. The blood lust is unbearable, cant he see that now is the time to strike? Goreshade took a small contingent of the many bane thralls available to him headed by the Lord Tartarus himself, a Seether, and brought that silly skarlock that Asphyxious insisted he take with him. The battle was swift and brutal, both sides trading advantage for losses time and again Goreshade falling to just the smallest of errors being caught in a flame thrower his last thought sent to his Seether to try and get him home before he was burned to ash. The Seether got Goreshade to safety, but it cost him everything else he brought, and a large amount of pride he will have to swallow when facing the Lich Lord over his disobedience.

Detachment 3 pDeneghra
Reinforcements: Nightmare
Action: Defended her current location playing mind games with the bordering Khadorans seeing their anxiety rise being this close to the undead and not fighting... yet.

Detatchment 4 pQueen Skarre
Reinforcements:Sea Witch (-2)Satyxis Raiders x5
Action: Was summoned to the capital, stayed put and defended.

Build: N/A

Detachment 1 eNemo
Reinforcements: Journeyman Warcaster, Thunderhead, Stormcallrs x3, Stormtower, Hammersmith, Cyclone, Defender, Lancer
Action: Explored current territory, Sand dervish appears and Journeyman warcaster is slain in duel. Revenge in hand the dervish retreats and the expedition returns empty handed. Menoth counter attack lead by Kreoss push Nemo's force out of city.

Detachment 2 eHailey
Reinforcements: Journeyman Warcaster, Arlan Strangeways, Upgraded Precursor unit to max, Precursor UA
Action: Explored Current territory, Nothing of interest

Detachment 3 pStryker
Reinforcements: Ol' Rowdy, Stormblades, Stormblade UA, Stormgunner, Stormclad
Action: Explored current territory, Nothing of interest

Detachment 4 Kara Sloan
Reinforcements: N/A
Action: Explored territory to north of capital, nothing of interest

Resources: 53
Build: N/A

Detachment 1- pSorscha
Reinforcements: Promoted Sorscha to Epic
Action: Explored Current territory, nothing of interest found

Detachment 2 - pButcher
Reinforcements: Battle Meckaniks
Action: Explored South East territory, nothing of interest found.

Detachment 3 - pVladimir
Reinforcements: pVladimir, Drago, Berzerker, Ulan, Battle Meckaniks, Markov
Action: Conquered South East territory

Resources: 55
Build: Repair 3 Hv Jacks
Reinforcements: Reckoner, Hierophant, 4 Choir of Menoth, Vassal of Menoth, Add 4 to Cinerators squad


  1. Cool narrative elements, and stunning work on those models!

  2. @porky - sorry can't take credit for the cryx pic. pulled it off of battle college. :)

  3. In that case - good taste and admirable honesty!